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ZEALmetal closed its retail store the end of May 2016.  The working studio has moved and the making still continues . . .   
  At ZEALmetal you will find Uniquely designed handcrafted jewellery made of sterling silver, 14kt gold, 18kt gold in a full range of yellow, white, red, green gold, and platinum.  Along with beautiful precious and semi-precious stones, Canadian diamonds, Coloured diamonds,  Sapphires, Tourmalines, Aquamarines, Emeralds, Rubys, pearls  and many more.  The site is just a sample of possibilities.  Custom work is a large part of ZEALmetal designs. Coming together in synergy to create a one of a kind piece is an experience worth having. 
Why the name ZEAL:
It describes so perfectly how I feel about what I do.
ZEAL: Fervour in a cause, heart service, ardour, enthusiasm, fervency, fire, gusto, keenness, militancy, passion, spirit, verve, warmth, zest

N i c o l e  H o r l o r






Find the right wedding anniversary stones used most often on anniversary rings.

1st Anniversary - Gold Jewelry
Alternate: Peridot

2nd Anniversary - Garnet

3rd Anniversary - Pearls
Alternate: Jade

4th Anniversary - Blue Topaz
Alternate: Blue Zircon

5th Anniversary - Sapphire
Alternate: Pink Tourmaline

6th Anniversary - Amethyst
Alternate: Turquoise

7th Anniversary - Onyx
Alternates: Yellow Sapphire, Golden Beryl

Alternate: Tanzanite

9th Anniversary - Lapis Lazuli
Alternates: Amethyst, Green Spinel

10th Anniversary - Diamond Jewelry
Alternate:Blue Sapphire

11th Anniversary - Turquoise
Alternates: Citrine, Yellow Zircon

12th Anniversary - Jade

13th Anniversary - Citrine
Alternates: Moonstone, Hawk's Eye

14th Anniversary - Opal
Alternates: Agate, Bloodstone

15th Anniversary - Ruby
Alternates: Rhodolite Garnet, Alexandrite

16th Anniversary - Peridot (evening emerald)
Alternate:Red Spinel

17th Anniversary - Watches

Alternate: Carnelian

18th Anniversary - Cat's Eye or Chrysoberyl

19th Anniversary - Aquamarine
Alternate:Almandine Garnet

20th Anniversary - Emerald
Alternate: Yellow or Golden Diamond

21st Anniversary - Iolite

22nd Anniversary - Spinel

23rd Anniversary - Imperial Topaz

24th Anniversary - Tanzanite

25th Anniversary - Silver Jubilee
Alternates: Tsavorite, Green Garnet

30th Anniversary - Pearl Jubilee

35th Anniversary - Emerald

40th Anniversary - Ruby

45th Anniversary - Sapphire
Alternate: Cat's Eye

50th Anniversary - Golden Jubilee
Alternate: Imperial or Golden Topaz

55th Anniversary - Alexandrite

60th Anniversary - Diamond Jubilee
Alternate: Star Ruby

65th Anniversary - Blue Spinel

70th Anniversary - Sapphire Jubilee
Alternate: Smoky Quartz

75th Anniversary - Diamond Jubilee

80th Anniversary - Ruby Jubilee