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Morning walks

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Feb. 8/19

After the freezing rain.

An early morning walk at Lemoines Point.  The ground was like a sandpaper finish which made walking a breeze.   As coco and I were walking down the path we look over and see a single head pop up and then another and then another and it was like a parade of dear waking to the morning.  They were coated with the freezing rain and just so beautiful all cozied together. 

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Lemoines Point Kingston ON Canada Dear Waking.


Taking bits and pieces and turning nothing into something.

Working in platinum, gold, palladium white gold and sterlings silver, along with an array of precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds, Canadian diamonds and pearls.  Blending organic and modern clean lines into unique easy to wear designs that bring out the best in YOU! 

ZEALmetal + Adorne yourself + Look good + feel good = Spectacular YOU!

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