Taking bits and pieces and turning nothing into something.


Taking bits and pieces and turning nothing into something. 

Work in platinum, 18kt, 14kt, Palladium, sterling silver accompanied by an array of precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds, Canadian diamonds and pearls. Blending oraganic and modern styles into unique easy to wear designs.  

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 I am lucky to own some of her wonderful work. Her designs are intricate and interesting, plus she has won prestigious awards that she probably has not mentioned to people/customers. Her work is fabulous.

Evelyn (Lyn) Rapin

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Lady's designs-she sees into peoples souls, and recreates them in metal and stone.

Nora Burton

Every piece is a unique treasure. As an artist she also makes certain that her commissions reflect the passion and taste of every client. Nicole is wonderful to work with and every experience is a true collaboration.

Jennifer Dee

Relax and enjoy the Spirit

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